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Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group Ranks First in Pharmaceutical Brand Value
Author: Date:2015-12-21 19:06:00 Read:1847
On December 12, 2015 the "information on 2015 brand valuation" jointly released by China Council for Brand Development, CCTV, China International Trade Promotion Association, and China Appraisal Society was revealed in Beijing. Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group dominantly won a place in the list with brand value of RMB 14.397 billion and brand strength of 913.3 points, ranking first in regard to Chinese bio-pharmaceutical brand value, ranking second in regard to brand strength, becoming the top brand among the most valuable Chinese pharmaceutical brands. This indicated recognition and popularity among customers for the brand, as well as great successes achieved by Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group in forging the top pharmaceutical brand of China.
This was the fourth anniversary of Chinese brand value release in China. Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group had ranked first in regard to brand strength and second in regard to brand value in 2014 Chinese Brand Value Ranking. This brand valuation covered agriculture, manufacturing, and service sectors, and the categories thereof were extended to corporate brand, product brand, regional brand and independent innovation brand for the first time. This activity was an important action to establish a brand valuation system with Chinese characteristics, forge positive Chinese brands, and promote Chinese brands to the world.
In recent years, Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group has been devoted to establishing and forging their corporate brand with a development vision of "making a top brand domestically, having a place internationally", and with a strategic corporate brand goal of "firmly rendering Yangtze brand a world-renowned brand". Those are objectives of all staff of the Group. Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group adheres to the spirit of Party construction, and the concept of quality as the top priority, leading construction of quality brand, product brand and corporate brand based on Party construction, blazing a trail of brand development with Yangtze characteristics. The Group has won "Jiangsu Province Quality Prize", "International QC Prize" and "Eleven Consecutive QC Champions", many of its products have won the title of "China's Famous Brand" and the National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology, and the Group's trademark has been entitled "China Famous Brand".
Xu Jingren, the Chairman and General Manager of the Group noted that the Group would further accelerate internationalization, vigorously cultivate famous products with strong international competitiveness and high added value, continue building the national pharmaceutical brand, forge a comprehensive pharmaceutical group boasting modernization, internationalization and excellent global performance, stick to the brand concept of "making for a first-class enterprise, producing first-class medicine, offering first-class service", promote Chinese brands to the world, make Yangtze brand the world's excellent brand, and serve health of the entire humanity.