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Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group Won International Gold QC Prize
Author: Date:2015-10-20 14:52:00 Read:1779
As a leader of China's pharmaceutical industry, Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group was amazing in its debutin the international contest. From October 5 to October 7, the annual International Contest of Quality Control Circle (ICQCC) was held in Changwon, South Korea. Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group representing Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises won the highest award in ICQCC - two gold prizes.
It is reported that Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group has created two records as a dark horse, including its debuton the highest stage for international quality control and the first gold ICQCC prizes. This marks international recognition of its quality control, representinga milestone in the process of its accelerating internationalization.
The ICQCC is reputed as the "Olympic Games" in the field of quality control, which is the highest platform for QC activities. In 1975, Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers, Korea Standard Association, and Association of Pioneer Quality Control Research jointly initiated the ICQCC to raise concern of the industrial arena about quality. 40contestshavebeen heldtill now.
This year the contest attracted more than 1000 participants from 13 countries including China, the USA, Japan, South Korea, and Singapore, in which 256 QC research results were published. Participants included international "stars" like Samsung from South Korea, Korean Air, Kubota from Japan, and National University of Singapore. 17 Chinese enterprises including China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, China Tabacco, State Grid, and Haier published 33 research results, winning 10 gold prizes.
It is reported that 5 research subjects of Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group were published in the contest, the subjects "reducing the ethanol content of ginkgo leaf tablets to meet EU standards" and "designing and establishing a new sterile isolation system for freeze-dried powder injection" winning the gold prize, and another three subjects including "improving the paclitaxel injection capability" winning the bronze prize. According to the research, the ginkgo leaf tablets produced using the present process fail to meet the EU standard with regard to specific residuals, becoming an obstacle of EU registration. In 2013, the Group's No. 2 solid preparation workshop, Zhicheng QC circle developed 4 solutions through brainstorming, and selected the best one through a lot of experiments. On that basis, the QC circle determined the best process after more than thirty experiments, allowing ginkgo leaf tablets to pass EU registration this year. The successful research of sterile isolation system for freeze-dried powder injection effectively resolved the problem with protection of freeze-dried powder injection in the process of production. The movable bust suit and trundle safety device were awarded the national utility model patent, boasting a bright application prospect in the market.
"We represent the state image in the international contest. We stood out in the contest with the world excellent enterprises with our strength and the courage to fight for the country." said QiaoLongjuan, the Deputy Director of the QC Department of Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group. Participants were required to use the English language for releasing QC results and answering questions, and the time for result release was measured in seconds, which was quite stern. For that purpose, the Group picked five from more than one hundred QC circles, training them hard and improving them continuously. The participants were below 30 years old on average, highly educated, proficient in English, and some of whom had studied abroad.
It is reported that Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group has always been valuingqualityandquality brand establishment. The Group ranks first among the top 100 enterprises in China's pharmaceutical industry, tops the list for bio-pharmaceutical brand strength in China, and takes the first place among 5 winners of the "Quality Prize in Jiangsu Province". The Group has published more than 600 QC results, winning the first prize for national QC results in eleven consecutive years following 2005. The Group holds the "Quality Month" activity for two months every year, mobilizing all staff only for "perfecting" every single pill.
According to Xu Jingren, the President and General Manager of Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group, the impressive performance on the international stage marks the domestically leading and internationally compatible quality control, based on which the Group will steadily advance preparation FDA registration, implementing the internationalization strategy, working toward the international first-class quality control.